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Today I visited the Boise Weekly offices to pick up new CDs to review. Watch for reviews of two Portland bands, Oxcart and Tractor Operator. Oxcart, in their press release, says that they play a mix of "explosive rock, funk, and deeply atmospheric melodies." I've already listened once through Tractor Operator and at first impression they sound charming, and very identifiable with the Pacific Northwest music scene. I also heard a Cake influence in Tractor Operator. I'll also be reviewing The Kingsbury Manx, The Exit, and Fear Before the March of Flames.

There are some reviews I have planned outside of the Boise Weekly too. I recently downloaded my first Woody Guthrie album from eMusic. Its called Ballads of Sacco and Vanzetti. Sacco and Vanzetti were framed for murder and executed in the 1920s because of their involvement with trade unions and promoting anarchic ideals. Guthrie devotes an entire album to their story, championing their politics and denouncing the system that killed them. I'll also continue my 3 part review of Bright Eyes - Vinyl Box Set by reviewing Letting off the Happiness in the second installment.

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