3 Doors Down

I'm a huge fan. I love these guys, and I've been hooked since the day I bought The Better Life years ago. 3DD, in my opinion is the most talented band out there. I have always related to their music - they're just average guys who are passionate about the music.

But having said that, I'm disappointed in the new album. It's hard to explain what I don't like about it, other than it's too clinical. It just sounds like the band went from music as their lives to music as a job. The talent is there, but I'm not feeling the power or the flow that they've spoiled me with the first 3 albums. My wife said that the album sounds rushed. I'm not so sure what it's missing, other than it's missing something. I put on a song like Father's Son from their last album and I just FEEL it.

I heard a live version of "It's not my time", and this new studio version doesn't compare. They made it more "poppish" and it lost something in the translation. It's a great song but it could've been so much better. Everyone else seems to love this version though, so I know I'm in the minority on this one.

"She don't want the world" is my favorite on the new album. It reflects their evolution but still keeps to their roots. "When it's over" almost channels their first album, and it's growing on me.

The rest of the album sounds like they showed up to work one day and cut a bunch of tracks. The songs *almost* do it for me, but they just fall short. They're still my favorite band, but this album could've been better than it is.

Hopefully the new album will grow on me over time, but for now I'll be getting my fix from the previous albums.

By Some Guy

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