Adele - 21

Adele has an incredible voice for TODAY's mainstream music. She sings passionately, and you can tell she speaks from personal experience. And in today's impersonal, chant-driven, melody lacking, beat obsessed top forty play list, she is a nice break. But she's not a god. she's not the next Aretha Franklin. She doesn't do anything new, she takes us back in time and does an old trick, pretty well. I have to say that sometimes, the way she phrases words makes me cringe because it sounds so affected. There are my criticisms about her.

Adele - 21
Now, this album. It is an improvement from the first one in the sense that there are several OUTSTANDING songs. 19 just had a nice overall feel to it. However, this album has several really incredible songs and the rest, while nice, are not really that great. in fact i dont even listen to most of this album. i do however love: Rolling in the deep, Rumour Has it, Turning Tables, Someone Like you and her cover of lovesong which is really pretty/dreamlike and not "unnecessary" as i recall the rollingstone review labeling it. And set fire to the rain is a runner up, for the "tracks i listen to off this album occasionally" category. But really that's all i took away from this album. She's lacking as a truly skillful songwriter and could stand to improve. She's a talent that needs better material. But yes, there are several instant classics here, its just not a classic overall.

I know you're going to hate on me and tell me i dont understand blah blah blah. Zip your lip like a pad lock, i dont care. Adele has great potential , but i'll wager that unless someone breaks her heart even more, she won't have any new tricks on a third go around, if she ever gets around to it.

  • Rolling in the Deep
  • Rumour Has It
  • Turning Tables
  • Don't You Remember
  • Set Fire to the Rain
  • He Won't Go
  • Take It All
  • I'll Be Waiting
  • One And Only
  • Lovesong
  • Someone Like You
by Kayuga

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