Explanation of This Blog's Name

It just occurred to me that the name of this blog is just a bit odd. I invented the name after seeing Bright Eyes live in Salt Lake City. Conor Oberst's enormous voice erupted out of his small body that wiggled and writhed in passion in front of the mic stand as he delivered his lyrics over his pounding but sweetly jangling guitar. His face twisted into intense expressions of earnestness, his eyes narrowed and mouth widened to allow room for the hugeness of his music to flow through. The music and the stories weaved within consumed every corner of my mind and wrapped up my body in a noisy nirvana. As I witnessed Conor Oberst throwing every ounce of his existence into the music, I realized that he was breathing. I became aware of my own breath as it left my body to float amongst the waves of sound. I understood then that music is breathing. When we make it or listen to it, music is breathing. Music, when we allow it to become as intertwined into our existence as the atoms that make up our bodies, is every bit as life affirming as a breath of atmosphere. It is as essential to our continued existence as the oxygen in the air. There is no doubt- music is breathing.

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